Fauquier/Rappahannock County
 Master Gardeners
"Green Grass"
is more than a color
      "Green” Lawns…

• Are environmentally responsible!

• Are more drought tolerant!

• Require less maintenance!

• Protect local drinking water!

• Protect your neighborhood

    Streams, lakes, and ponds!


Soil Test Incuded

                                “Green” Grass is an environmentally responsible program.

                                  By managing the nutrients in the lawn. this program helps

                                  homeowners minimize harmful runoff that ends up in our


                                  This program helps homeowners know when and

                                  how much fertilizer their specific lawn actually needs.

                                  There will also be an added benefit to our community

                                  at large. These recommendations, when followed, will help

                                  keep our limited water supply clean and nutrient free.

   Program includes:

  • Site visit to your lawn               CLICK HERE & SIGN UP NOW         
  • Handbook                                                                                                    How Green Grass works
  • Soil test                                                                                        On-line Application
  • How and when to fertilize                                                                            Download Brochure                
  • Explanation of test results