Fauquier/Rappahannock County
 Master Gardeners
Maintaining Your Landscape

What are practical (and easy) methods to maintain an environmentally friendly landscape? This site has good tips on soil preparation, plant selection, and cultural practices. 

If you want to minimize the need to water your plants, practice water-wise landscaping or xerioscaping, this can save you both time and money. 

How will I know if fertilizer is needed? (Hint: soil test.) What fertilizer should I use?  This site can answer your questions.

Compost is one of the most valuable resources for beautifying your landscape, and it is virtually free.It is produced when organic matter, such as garden, lawn, and kitchen waste, is broken down by bacteria and fungi.

Something is wrong with your plant. What’s the cause? You can begin to determine the cause of the problem by taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes – be a keen observer and ask many questions. Diagnosing plant problems is often a difficult task.